In A Class of its own: H&R Sport Springs for the new A-Class

With the launch of the new A-Class from Mercedes Benz, the suspension professionals from H&R have also added to the range and are already offering sports springs for the Stuttgart compact racer. The result is convincing, as the sporty look suits the A-Class well. Read more...


High Five – Audi RS3 with H&R height adjustable springs

The distinctive cornerstones of the Audi RS3 are its unconventional sound, 400 hp and five cylinders in a row. With the height adjustable springs now, the in-house H&R development department also tickles the last grain of driving dynamics from the sporty compact saloon and also sharpens the look. Read more...


Silver Spirit with Esprit: H&R Sport Springs for the new Audi A7 Sportback

Stylish line, razor-sharp design and what a sculptural rear: the new A7 Sportback fascinates right away. The tailor-made H&R sport springs are fine tuned in order to harmonise perfectly with the standard shock absorbers of the A7 and provide unadulterated driving comfort despite the sportier set-up. Read more...