Access made easy: H&R sport springs for the new Range Rover Evoque

The new edition of the entry-level Range consistently follows the design language of its extremely successful predecessor. In addition to style and quality, the Brit also shines with the best value retention in its class. Despite the all-wheel drive, however, there is still plenty of room for improvement in terms of driving dynamics. The suspension experts at H&R have now impressively changed this with tailor-made sport springs. Read more...


Dynamics on target: H&R sport springs for the current Mercedes E-Class

For generations, the estate version of the E-Class has been the elegant flagship transporter for commercial travellers and frequent drivers. However, if the extreme AMG versions are not used, the Stuttgart-based model lacks a certain dynamism in terms of driving behaviour. Read more...


Bodybuilding for the evergreen: H&R sport springs for the new Porsche 911 Type 992

Probably the world's most traditional sports car is entering the next round. The new Porsche 911 (type 992) attracts with new superlatives regarding engine and driving performance. And just as fast as a Porsche rides, the development department of H&R went fast as well and already has a matching sport spring set available. While retaining the Porsche PASM original shock absorbers, the vehicle's centre of gravity is lowered. After the update, the forged wheels on both axles are about 30 millimetres lower in the wheel arches. It does not only look like it has to be this way, it can also be "experienced": The lower centre of gravity and the H&R-typical spring characteristics pay off in terms of driving dynamics with a particularly "stable lateral position" and even more "bite" when turning in. And, of course, the sport springs have the necessary type approval for easy homologation. Read more...