Individuality prevails: H&R coil over for the VW Tiguan

The current version of the Tiguan grew up pretty well. The edged look takes after it´s big brother, stands on good looking aluminium rims and appears quite well-proportioned. The especially applies to the sporty R-version. Even more performance is guaranteed with the H&R coil over which is now available. Besides the clearly reduced body movement in fast corners or at abrupt avoidance manoeuvres, the lowering of the body´s centre of gravity leads to an additional optimizing for the wheels in the fenders. The minimum distance, which leads to an improved and more sporty look on the Tiguan, does not have impact on the driving comfort or the payload. Read more...


Summertime! H&R Sport Springs for the new BMW Z4

BMW\'s new Roadster makes a big impression! What began many years ago as \"the fastest igloo in the world\" (referring to the roof which looks like an Eskimo house) later mutated into a metal folding roof with a role model function. But now they are \"back to the roots\" again at BMW, and the Z4\'s tightly cut fabric cap not only shows class, but also elegance. And since summer is just around the corner, the H&R suspension engineers have put on a set of sport springs at lightning speed to give the two-seater the finishing touches. Sportingly low, with a centre of gravity 35 millimetres lower (Z4 M40 25 millimetres), the corner is now jagged, the roll movements in fast corners are reduced, at the same time the Z4 steers even more directly. In combination with the comfort of driving over long distances, driving fun is guaranteed. Read more...


Starfleet entering: H&R Sport Springs for the New Mercedes A-Class

The new A-Class shows once again that the Mercedes designers are currently on a roll. Harmonious proportions, a wide range of power units and even biting AMG versions. However, they drive the smallest star in price regions which leads to acute cardiac arrhythmia. Read more...