Luxury trucks: H&R sport springs for Audi A6 Avant and Sedan

The current generation of the A6 series is a generous long-distance racer in every respect. High travel comfort paired with a generous boot or loading compartment are cornerstones of the Ingolstadt premium class. But even without the extreme "S" or "RS" versions, the A6 pilot does not have to forego sporty handling. Read more...


This way the Frenchman becomes a city runner: H&R sport springs for the Renault Clio

Whoever is looking for a smart compact car away from the Volkswagen and Co - mainstream will most likely come across the Clio at some point. In the course of its long history, the Clio has really grown up and with the H&R sport springs, it is now also very fast. Read more...


Bavarian Body Building: H&R Sport Springs for the BMW X6

That's a big one, the new BMW X6. Admittedly, its predecessors were not necessarily of delicate design either. Perhaps it is even one of the secrets that the big SUV coupé has been so popular. Read more...