Bavaria Beau - H&R height adjustable springs for the 6-Series BMW Grand Coupé

The BMW boys may not have invented the mixture of a large sedan with a coupé-like appearance, but with the 6-Series Grand Coupé they skilfully staged it: so flat, so wide and so determined that there is hardly any air left to move upwards. The suspension specialists at H&R have now developed height adjustable springs for the Bayern-Beau for less air underneath. Read more...


La Bella Macchina - Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce with H&R Sport Springs

After \"Quadrifoglio\" and Giulia 2WD, the suspension specialists from H&R have now also taken the Giulia Veloce all-wheel drive under their wing. The newly developed H&R sport springs provide more \"kick\", both visually and technically. Read more...


In A Class of its own: H&R Sport Springs for the new A-Class

With the launch of the new A-Class from Mercedes Benz, the suspension professionals from H&R have also added to the range and are already offering sports springs for the Stuttgart compact racer. The result is convincing, as the sporty look suits the A-Class well. Read more...