More agility for the roadster: H&R Sport Springs for the Mazda MX-5

Mazda's bestseller MX-5 also convinces in the latest version. The Japanese have lost the unique selling proposition with their small roadster in the meantime, but competition is good for business. Read more...


Suspension facelift: H&R sport springs for the new Mercedes A35 AMG

Downsizing is also an issue at AMG. Environmental aspects were certainly the offending object, but the constant adjusting of the prices also calls for cheaper entry-level models, whereby \"cheap\" here should not be confused with \"inexpensive\". Anyway, the new A35 AMG\'s \"renunciation\" is certainly a high level of moaning! Read more...


Now also for the adaptive shock systems: H&R Sport Springs for the New BMW Midsize Class

The seventh 3 series generation is a completely new development, even on the suspension side nothing has remained the same. Customers can also order "Adaptive Drive" as an option to the standard and M suspension. The electronically controlled shock absorbers are designed to ensure the best compromise between sport and comfort. Although the sporty driving experience is still at the very top of the BMW DNA. This attribute also counts among the H&R engineers, who can now also supply sport spring sets for the mid-size sedan with the same active suspension. The springs, which are precisely matched to the BMW original shocks, lower the vehicle's centre of gravity by approx. 30 to 40 millimetres (depending on the vehicle model) and thus ensure reduced body movements and more direct steering. Added to this is the more pleasing appearance, yet the long-distance driving comfort is maintained. Read more...