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This way the Frenchman becomes a city runner: H&R sport springs for the Renault Clio

Whoever is looking for a smart compact car away from the Volkswagen and Co - mainstream will most likely come across the Clio at some point. In the course of its long history, the Clio has really grown up and with the H&R sport springs, it is now also very fast.

Thanks to the spring set, the vehicle's centre of gravity moves 30 millimetres closer to the tarmac and thus ensures reduced lateral inclination in fast corners and a more direct steering response. Nevertheless, driving comfort and payload remain at the standard level.

With the optionally available TRAK+ wheel spacers made of high-tensile aluminium, both standard and aftermarket wheels can be aligned to the edges of the mudguards with millimetre precision and ensure the perfect wheelbase.

All H&R products are "Made in Germany" and always have the necessary part approvals.

H&R suspension components for the Renault Clio (V), type RJA, from year of manufacture 2019

Sport Springs

For vehicles with 4-cylinder engine

Part no. 28647-1

Lowering: front/rear approx. 30mm

Sport Springs

For vehicles with 3-cylinder engine

Part no. 28647-2

Lowering: front/rear approx. 30mm

Trak+ wheel spacers, silver anodized

Widening: from 20 mm (per axle)